Very Interesting Article…..

This is an article that compares two different brains in two three-year old children….one if loved by its parents and the other was neglected.  This was a link in a seminar that talked about early intervention in education.

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Orton Gillingham…not just for the Dyslexic

Have you ever heard of Pinterest?  It is a virtual pinboard where you can search your interests, hobbies or jobs.  I have just entered Orton Gillingham…and Dyslexia…and reading…and now have about 30 more lesson plans from teachers all over the world..this is very exciting!!  I have also posted several of mine and have connected some of the students that are now enrolled at Surrey College (in the Orton Gillingham course) with other student in New York.  How exiting is that.

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Along with the Good Comes the Bad…..

Cyber Bulling
Amanda Todd
November 1996 – October 10, 2012

The bad side of social media. Most Schools in Canada have spent the day talking about Cyber bullies and how to protect yourself and your students. This not only has opened up many discussions it has also created many more questions. Limiting exposure to social media doesn’t protect students, but teaching how to protect yourself when you are in a situation that can only be described as bullying and supporting those who are going through this trauma might. I was surprised to hear how many teachers are being aggressively e-mailed by parents at their schools……as Bob Dylan once said…the times they are a chang’n.

My heart goes out to Amanda Todd’s family at this time.

This is a link to Amanda’s original YouTube video…this is very hard to watch

Here is a plea from Amanda’s mother.

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Is Education Killing Human Creativity

TED talks…really makes you think.  I was working with several adults and was showing them how to create a lesson plan on the computer.  One lady remarked that she remembered the hours she spent as a young teacher had writing and colouring lesson plans to give out to her students.  Then next day I was in the computer room of one of the schools I work in and the children were having their art lesson …….on the computer …..they were to recreate  a Picaso.  Wondering how popular this type of lesson was I went to google and found this TED talks.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Is Education killing Human Creativity

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And A Child Shall Lead Them……

I work in the public school system…yesterday I am walking down the hall trying to tweet myself (I know that sounds rude!) suddenly without warning my cell phone jumps out of my hands and drops the three feet to its death.   My phone is now lying lifeless in several pieces on the ground. I can’t take my eyes off of the crime scene and I am too shocked to speak.  A wee young man, I’d say about 5 years of age, looks at the phone…picks up the pieces puts it back together, turns the phone back on and hands it back to me………..again I am speechless (trust me a rarity in my life)…his passing remark…”There you go Mrs. ‘A.’ good as new but you might want to retype that e-mail just in case you lost some of the context.”  Who was that young man??? Well in about 10 years he will probably be my boss….lol….

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Let’s Get Started!

Okay any good relationship should start out with honesty….so here goes.  I was totally not into getting into this whole Blog, Twitter, Facebook and well the whole social media ‘thing’.  Then I started to think about it…I am already involved whether I thought I was or not.  For example; I belong to at least 60 teacher blogs and have for many years. Although I have never met most of these teachers, therapeutic tutors or parents we have exchanged web sites, ideas, lesson plans, fonts, pictures, marriages, deaths, and in general just life.  So even when I think that this is something that I am not interested in….I have to laugh at myself because I am already there!

Having said that I must explain my reason for taking the PIDP program.  I have worked as a Therapeutic Tutor for the North Vancouver School board for about 20 years now.  I also work at Surrey College apprenticing to teach the Orton Gillingham program to adults.  This is a multisensory approach to reading that was developed in the 1920 by Dr. Orton and Mrs. Gillingham.  This Course helps to prepare adults to teach reading skills to individuals that have dyslexia and other reading challenges.  Taking the PIDP courses through Vancouver Community College have helps me to develope some tools and techniqes make my course not only more interesting but fun as well.

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